Guesthouse-Commercial Space for Rent 5-Building Chiang Dao Cave Chiang Mai

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Guesthouse-Commercial Space for Rent 5-Building Chiang Dao Cave Chiang Mai

Ref. SR-HR 006
·      5 Units (3 Floors - Building), 1 Staff House, 5 Store Rooms, 1-Main Kitchen (Modern), 1-Staff Kitchen (Modern), Pool Table, 2-Outside/Public Toilet, 1-Bar, Roof Top, Garden, Parking Lot with Roof and more……
·     Large land area, nice neighborhood, 
·     Easy to get taxi & yellow truck
·     Walk to the very famous monk in northern Thailand (Luan Pu Sim, died in 1992) at his temple (Tam Pa Plong) about 1 km. or 16 minutes (walking), walk and visit Tam Pak Pang Temple around 300 meters or 5 minutes, walk to the very famous cave in the northern of Thailand (Chiang Dao Cave) about 900 meters or 10 minutes, walk to the Chiang Dao Natural Park  for the mini-trekking/bird seeing about 900 meters or 10 minutes.
·      Close to 4 famous temples ( Chiangdao Cave, Tam Pa Plong, Tam Pang Peang, Tam Pang Soong) 5 resorts ( Chiang Dao Nest 1,2 Resort, Chiang Dao Hut Resort, At Home Resort, Malee Bungalow, Ban Din Resort) 1 bar ( The Cave Bar and guest house) 2 restaurants ( Chiang Dao Hut Kitchen, Chiang Dao Nest 2 Restaurant )
·     Near Chiang Dao National Park, Chiang Dao Mountainand more….
·     Walking distance to Chiang Dao Cave and a local market/shopping
·     Only a few minutes drive to the Chiang Dao Bus Station,  local market, fair market (every Tuesday), 7/11, Lotus Express, Police station, Chiang Dao hospital.
·     Parking space
·     Land area 168 sq.wa.(672 sq.meters)
·     Located in Chiang Dao Cave Village, 70 km from Chiang Mai city
Secure, Peaceful, Beautiful…. prestigious region. There is a small village with private houses, very silent and comfortable, surrounded by lush, un spoilt nature.. quiet and peaceful, simply outstanding excellent forest and mountain views for a quiet retreat or an outdoor adventure , with beautiful trees, flowers, birds and butterflies.. more …..
Please feel free to contact us for more information
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