Sale!! BCD Scubapro Glide 500 Size XS

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Sale!! BCD Scubapro Glide 500 Size XS

ขาย BCD Scubapro Glide 500 Size XS
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A basic and reliable SCUBAPRO adjustable jacket the Glide 500 Stab Jacket is mostly chosen for its simplicity and durability.

The buoyancy compensator is the backbone of the SCUBA diving system. One of the most important pieces of gear a diver will ever own, it is imperative that no compromises are made in choosing the right one for you.

A well-engineered BC allows the diver to float comfortably on the surface in a face up position and facilitates precise, easy changes in underwater body position. Equally important, a good BC will conform securely to the divers body to minimize underwater drag and swimming effort, and will provide a comfortable, nonrestrictive fit around the shoulders and at the waist.

• Full range of sizes from XXS to XXL
• Color coding on the right shoulder. Glide patented design, ergonomic harness and air cell Perfect fit with improved load distribution and excellent buoyancy behavior.
• Adjustable and ergonomically shaped shoulder straps Ensure a perfect fit. Easy to handle even with thick gloves.
• Soft padding on cummerbund, back and shoulder area for comfort
• 2 Wide pockets
• Nylon D-rings Safe and lightweight points for attachment of accessories.
• Delivered with SCUBAPRO Balanced Power Inflator
• 3 Dump valves Two shoulder valves plus one rear dump valve ensure perfect buoyancy control in any position. Includes SQAP System (Safe and quick air IPI) on left shoulder.


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